Joseph Mbugua Njeri, a police officer who was sent to Turkana East for work, has been missing for 10 days, leaving his family worried. The police officer, fondly known as Wa Njeri, had stepped out of his camp one morning to relive himself but failed to return. His heartbroken wife recalled the last conversation with her husband, saying he did not look healthy and strong.


The family in Lodwar, Turkana county is worried following the disappearance of their kin, who is a police officer. Joseph Mbugua Njeri, was in Turkana East at Napeitom Police Station for work when he went missing without a trace.



Mbugua had stepped out to relieve himself in the morning when he went missing, and there has been no trace of him as of Tuesday, May 23. “I called at around 5:30pm but no one answered. The first call was answered around 7:40pm by his colleague who told me Wa Njeri (my husband) left around 6pm to relieve himself, and we’re looking for him,” Njeri’s wife, Anne Wanja, told Citizen TV. According to Mbugua’s wife, the last time they talked, he looked sick, and efforts to find him proved challenging as he left behind his gun and phone.



The family calls on the government to help them find their kin and bring him back home safely, as social media users showed concern for the police officer as well. They headed to the comments section to show their support by penning optimistic messages that Mbugua would be found and return to his family safe and sound.


Some comments included Kimani Mwaura’s who said, “God is faithful, my brother. May you be found safe and sound. We have no peace in our hearts until you are found.” Lilian Nzila on the other hand said “God, this is too heavy for us please bring back my boss.” It clearly showed that a lot of people are loved the officer and are hoping for the best.

May 24, 2023

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