In a tragic turn of events, two women from Narok East were found brutally murdered and their bodies mutilated. According to their families, the two went on a business errand and never returned, only for their bodies to be found three days later.

On 8th July, the two are said to have left home with more than Ksh, 400 000 shillings to buy beans in Narok North’s Naaisoya area. The families got worried when communication was cut off. Three days later their bodies were found in the Satellite area of Suswa near the border of Nakuru and Narok counties.

Medical reports revealed that the two women were strangled and then mutilated. The identities of the culprits is still unknown but police suspect it might have been the people who were involved in the business deal with the deceased.

What was ruled out as a business deal gone wrong has left the families of the deceased seeking justice and answers. Investigations are still on going and police have urged anyone with any leads to come forward and aid in the investigations.

July 13, 2023

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