On Wednesday, Michael Ochieng Okwaro and Stella Syomiti Kingesi were charged with violation of Section 17(b) of the Sexual Offences Act (SOA) of 2006 by using internet sex to take advantage of needy women looking for employment.

The two are believed to have created a Strip Chat app which requires a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop to open an account on the site. With this account, one can interact with various males who will instruct them on what sexual activities to conduct.

The suspects are accused of pressuring two women on January 15 and February 27 into using this website against their will to engage in prostitution in their Kasarani home together with other suspects who are at large.

According to reports, one of the victim sent a message to MS Kingesi, asking for a job where she told her that there was one that only needed a national identity card to join. The victim joined them in their house where they created an account for her and had to oblige to what the men on the app demanded but she was denied access to leave.

The victim texted an activist, who notified the police, after discovering that other women were being subjected to the same injustice, in which the police stormed their home, arrested them, and rescued her along with other women who had been forced to engage in the same act.

They were summoned before Makadara Law Court Principal Magistrate Lewis Gatheru and denied the charges. They were released on a Sh100,000 bond to await the outcome of their case. The case will be mentioned on March 16 before the hearing begins on July 27 of this year.

March 2, 2023

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