By Juliet Awino

Professor George Wajackoyah

Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has proposed a 12-months maternity leave to expectant women if elected the fifth Kenyan president.

Waja koyah has pledged to amend the act that says female employees are entitled to athletic months paid maternity leave while the male to a two months paid paternity leave.

Wajackoyah said that in his administration, expectant mother’s will go for a nine months leave during the duration of pregnancy and extend by three months after delivery.

“I will work out with my experts in that field. I will definitely have to bring Canadians whi have take women values very highly to help me formulate the policy,” he said.

The presidential candidate says he would do all it takes to ensure that women are safe in his regime as he was a street child who gree up without a mother. He added that the stipend will be given to both unemployed and employed women.

“We want to take care of mother’s right from the inception of ghe child and we feel that we want to give them enough money because we shall have enough of it from marijuana business,” said Wajackoyah.

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