As the March 20th mass action demonstrations organized by Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga are expected to take place, Opiyo Wandayi, Member of Parliament for Ugunja and Minority Leader in the National Assembly, has called on employers in various sectors to allow their employees to attend the demos.

He was addressing the level of preparedness prior to the demonstration at the parliament building when he said that employees have a role to play in demos and added that businesses won’t be impacted in the way president Ruto says since the Police would be in power.

“We anticipate that employers will recognize that their employees will be performing a national duty on that day. Employers from all industries should release their employees and allow them to participate in national service. Mr. Ruto’s suggestion that Raila reach an agreement with the police on how to conduct the protest is uncalled for. The police are well aware of their responsibility to protect Kenyans’ lives and property,” Said Wandayi.

Senator for Nairobi, Edwin Sifuna, who was also present, stated that the demonstrations on the specified date are necessary, claiming that they will help Kenyans who are treated disrespectfully by the Kenya Kwanza government.

“The March is a desperate measure that is necessary in the end to redeem the dignity of our people, who are being treated with absolute disrespect by the Kenya Kwanza administration. We want to send a strong message to the dictatorship with the march that the government must serve the needs of the people,” he said.

Speaking at the ongoing rallies, Hon.Raila stated that the demonstrations will be peaceful, with no bloodshed, and that he does not want a handshake, as the government claims.

“Any form of violence or bloodshed is not what we want. It will be calm, and I have also stated that a handshake is not needed. The only reason we are taking this action is because it is our only alternative choice,” Said, Raila.

March 16, 2023

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