The National Health Insurance Fund commonly known as (NHIF) was created in 1966 as a department under MOH (Ministry of Health). Later on there was a need to increase its effectiveness and efficiency which resulted to it becoming a state corporation. The core function of NHIF is to provide medical insurance coverage to all its members and their dependents (children and spouses). Today NHIF has about 95 branches, satellite offices, and a presence across all 47 Huduma centers nationwide.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund building 

Each of these satellite offices and branches offers incredible comprehensive customer service. Never the less,  all Kenyans that have attained the age of 18 years can apply for an NHIF membership.



So, the big question is what does NHIF cover in private hospitals in Kenya? Private hospitals are very crucial when it comes to providing quality services, being an expensive sector they see the importance of allowing NHIF in order to secure a wide range of patient.


In a nutshell, the main importance of NHIF is to ensure all Kenyans have access to quality and affordable health services. Since it was established, it has been so instrumental in improving the Kenyan’s health.

NHIF offers inpatient and outpatient medical cover for its members at any accredited hospital countrywide. Some of the hospital bills covered by the National Health Insurance Fund include; Radiology services, optical care, minor surgeries, dental health consultation, hospital beds, radiology services, referral cover operating theatre cover.


In the case of cancer, the insurance’s cancer care plan is still under review to optimize chemotherapy and radiotherapy costs. After the review, all its members will have access to incredible cancer care plans. These are some of the treatments that NHIF covers for cancer patients, but the amount is limited.




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