Controversial gospel artiste from the Gusii area, Chris Embarambamba has surprised his fans after claiming that he does not know the age of his children.

Embarambamba who was speaking in an interview on a radio station revealed that he is the father of 5 children but he does not know the age of any of the children. The artist who has found himself under pressure and harsh criticism due to his song ‘Niko Uchi’ defended himself saying that his work was more focused on producing, and the issue of memorizing the age of the children remained his wife’s.

The artist defended himself saying that he has spent a lot of time in spreading the gospel and thus he has not had much time to spend with his children like the way their mother spends with them. Embarambamba defended his style of spreading the gospel which has been criticized as dangerous to his life and the people around him.

March 8, 2024

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