There was no formal presentation of the Traffic Police Unit during the public and stakeholder meetings conducted across the country by the National Task Force on police reform.A report from the task force reveals that only one traffic police officer participated in one of the county meetings.

Although the committee has not given any explanation as to why the officers ignored the meetings, it is believed that the perception of rampant corruption that has been ruling the unit could be contributed. According to the task force, there were “serious” comments from the participants about the corruption associated with the traffic police. Participants are said to cite harassment of drivers who refuse to “cooperate” with traffic officers on public roads.

It notes that while many motorcycles are impounded on legitimate grounds, many more are impounded for failing to pay bribes to traffic officers. This situation has led to the piling up of motorcycles in many police stations across the country with false charges against the riders and other motorists.

The National Strategy to Combat Corruption in the Police Service 2016 acknowledges the existence of widespread corruption in the traffic department. The Head of Public Service Felix Koskei convened a meeting of police commanders including traffic chiefs in Nairobi in September last year in an effort to find a solution to the corruption rooted in the police department.

March 14, 2024

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