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Consumption of white bread in excess is harmful to the human body. Whole grain bread on the hand does not guarantee a healthy life .

Bread . Photo credits to taste better from scratch

High consumptions of white bread might lead to:

1. Increase in the level of blood sugar

The high blood sugar levels will eventually increase one’s chances of getting type 2 diabetes.This is due to the high glycemic index in bread, especially white bread.

2. Weight gain

Bread is stripped off its fiber content and vitamins and so it can not keep one full for long. This leads to overeating and cravings thus leading to unnecessary weight gain.

3. Constipation

Bread can make one feel backed up and lead to constipation. This is due to the fact that it lacks fiber content. Bowel movements thus becomes a problem.

4. Bloating

White bread tends to be high in sodium . Consumption of too much salt at one time can lead to bloating which is not a good thing.

For those looking towards gaining wait, bread would be a good food to include in your menu.

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