Tiktoker Nyako regrets that she never had a conversation with Brian Chira to resolve their difference when he was alive before his sudden death in an accident.

The mother of 3 children was on live tiktok where she opened up about how she fell out with Chira because she didn’t want to talk to him. Nyako and Chira had a good friendship that led her to offer to help the late content producer have a place he can call home and avoid being driven from place to place.

However, a few days later, Chira went on tiktok to accuse Nyako of allegedly talking about her late mother and told her to stop helping her if she wanted to. Chira later tried to make amends, but Nyako wanted nothing to do with her, and wished her the best in all her endeavours.

We’ve let Brian down, all of us, including me. We have brought him down. And I think I let him down more because he looked for me everywhere and I said no; when it comes to Brian, I want my peace. So let’s all admit we’ve brought him down not pretending to be heroes.

Nyako also responded to predictions about his imminent death and said he had made peace with his health condition. He noted that if he dies, he hopes to be friends with Chira in the afterlife so they can make amends.

March 20, 2024

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