Controversial artist William Getombe has been released on cash bail after his arrest.

The artiste was arrested on Monday, March 11, and taken to the Kapsoya Police Station in Eldoret. After being detained for several hours, Getumbe was released on KSh 10,000 cash bail.

His arrest was ordered by the Film and Classification Board in the country (KFCB) due to the controversy of his song called ‘Yesu Ninyandue’. KFCB issued a statement in support of the arrest of the musician, citing concerns about his obscene content.

Getumbe is now expected to appear in court on Friday, March 15. Speaking exclusively to the press following his arrest, he revealed that he is facing charges related to his lack of a KFCB license. According to him, he was fined a whopping KSh 243,000 as part of the license requirement.

In his defence, Getombe said

“I did not produce my own music or videos, except for those created using my smartphone. The rest of the videos are labeled by professional video producers whom I contracted for filming. Their credentials are well documented.”

Despite his release, the financial burden is overwhelming. Getumbe has called on Kenyans to help him donate the money.

March 13, 2024

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