Lilian Waithera who was a staff member of NHIF collapsed and died on her way home from work along CBD on Monday evening.

The witnesses said that Lilian held her chest before collapsing which they thought it was a case of a heart attack and later they called for an ambulance and took her to Nairobi Hospital.

The detectives are yet to investigate the incident on how it happened whether it was a case of coincidence or she was a target for assassination.

His husband, Paul Mbogo is yet to come to terms with her death. He says she was in her usual mood and she never expressed fear in her life and that her colleagues used to associate with her.

“This incident has caught us in great shock. She was a happy soul at her station of work. There is no reason that can be used to justify this. There was no one trailing her,” said Paul Mbogo.

Later after autopsy was conducted on her body, a bullet was found inside her lungs. The pathologist confirmed that she was shot.

“Hii kitu ilihappen around 5:15pm. Huyo mama alikua na wenzake wanaenda nyumbani then akashtuka na akajishika  kifua akiwa ameangalia juu. Mimi nilifikiria ameshikwa na heart attack, sikujua nini ilihappen,” a witness said.

February 16, 2023

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