Emily Nduta Njeri from Muranga County loses her eyesight and became partially blind after reacting to over the counter medication that had sulphur. Like many other people,Emily a 45 years old  went  to the nearby pharmacy to buy over the counter drugs when she had a chest complication in 2016.

After explaining her problems to the pharmacist.The doctor gave her a dose of what he thought was best suited to clear out her chest.What they did not know,is  that Nduta was allergic to sulphur,until her body started reacting to the drugs.Nduta says that she started seeing her skin developing unusual rashes which oozed pus.

The problem became worse and was taken to a nearby clinic before being referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment ,where the medics managed only to treat the rashes after been there for six months. Her eyes just shut and refused to open along the way ,this made her to began a new chapter in her life as she was unable to move around without the help of someone guiding her.

Nduta has seek medication from different  eye hospitals all has gone in vain.The tests have shown that the eyesight is not lost but the top and bottom eyelids are stuck to each other,this has forced her to do with monthly injections which will help her eyes lubricate artificially,otherwise,the eyes would dry up and turn her fully blind.

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