BBC television reported the successful rescue of a worker trapped for nearly five days in the debris of a collapsed building in George, South Africa.

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde praised the miraculous recovery, calling it a beacon of hope amid tragedy.

Rescuers established communication with the trapped individual, providing water upon detecting signs of life.

The partial collapse on Monday claimed about 14 lives, with 39 still missing. Gabriel Gambe, 33, was among the rescued, transported in an ambulance as reported by South Africa’s News24.

Winde expressed profound gratitude to the rescue teams, hailing them as true heroes.

Concerns arose about Gambe’s health, prompting arrangements for trauma surgeons due to his reported leg discomfort.

The successful rescue follows the release of Delvin Safels, 29, on Wednesday, who touched hearts with poignant voice messages to loved ones.

Winde emphasized ongoing rescue efforts and pledged to investigate the collapse to prevent future tragedies, renewing focus on construction safety in South Africa.

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