Video sharing company YouTube updated their policies around monetization that favors new content creators. Changes were effective from 13th June 2023. According to the new requirements, in order to start getting monetized you need to have 500 subscribers,3 public video uploads over the last 90 days,3000 watch hours over the last 12 months or 3 million shorts views over the last 90 days.


Previously, for one to be monetized you needed to have at least 1000 subscribers,4000 watch hours over the past 12 months or 10 million shorts views over the last 90 days. However, it is not all monetization that applies to the new policy.

The new update only applies to Super chat, channel memberships, Super thanks, Super Stickers and the ability to promote your own product with You Tube shopping. Notably absent from the list is Ad sharing. In order to be monetized through ad sharing you will still need to meet the previous requirements. The new eligibility criteria has been applied in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea and will soon be applied in other countries.

For most Kenyan creators, YouTube is a source of additional income. In addition to their day job, they create and monetize YouTube content. Others have gone even further, making creating YouTube content their full-time career. As stated by content creators, 1000 views on the platform usually cost between KES 100 and KES 200. For 1 million views, creators can expect to earn KES 200,000 or more.


June 19, 2023

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