A lot of good has been said about Kanu Party Leader Gideon Moi especially after an elating message to his beautiful wife Zahra Moi.

This past Saturday Gideon’s eldest son Kigen Moi had his engagement ceremony committing to Rebecca Chepchumba and the Mois looked so charged up for the beautiful event.

In a social media post Gideon said, ” I celebrate my dear wife Zahra Moi for being the pillar of our family. She is beautiful, compassionate, kind and devoted in everything she does. I commend her for the exemplary effort in ensuring that our son Kigen Moi engagement ceremony was successful.”

One thing many citizens do not know about Zahra Moi is that she was a model and a long term brand ambassador for Lady Gay lotion back in the 90s. Whether Gideon or Mzee Moi played a vital role in her crowning, no one knows but we believe she met Gideon in the line of duty.

Zahra Bahlewa later got married to Gideon Moi and were blessed with 3 children : Kigen, Kimoi and Lulu.

Rumour however had it that it was Sharif Nassir who connected the majengo born Zahra to Gideon Moi. Well we will have to dig into that.

Later that Saturday evening Gideon Moi had this to say, ” I am proud to my son Kigen Moi for making a monumental stride in this life by seeking Rebecca Chepchumba’s hand in marriage. Indeed, this engagement is a beautiful social and spiritual venture ordained by God to ensure companionship and continuity. As they begin formalizing their union today in Kericho County, I pray that God’s grace, guidance and blessings be always upon them.”

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