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Zambia is one of Africa’s most fascinating holiday hubs and business epicenters and has some of the most interesting aspects of their culture and customs.

In the Zambian culture, a woman ought to wear a Chitenge in the presence of her in-laws so as to show some respect. She is also expected to serve traditional Zambian food as required and is highly forbidden not to serve a banana.



In the Zambian culture, names are given a very great deal of significance where by newborns are named after illustrious family members. For children who follow a set of twins are naturally nick named ‘Chola’ in tribes such as the Bemba while in the Tumbuka tribe they are widely known for having a wide variety of names related to twins such as the first of two twins ‘Goli’ and the second twin ‘Fulata’. For an along waited girl child, she will naturally be named ‘Tombi’ while a family that gives birth to a girl child after a number of male children they will typically name her ‘Mutinta’.


Dining Faux Pas

In Zambia, whether someone invites you to their home or a restaurant to have a meal with them, it is an offense to decline the offer as Zambians are bound to get offended if an offer of food or a meal is refused even if the reason for declining will be because you have already eaten a large meal before that. Most homes and even hotels tend to serve traditional meals in buffet style, it is advisable to choose items that you are enthusiastic about on the menu because leaving food unfinished on the plate is another offense.


Funeral Segregation

Zambia has one of the strangest customs when it comes to funerals where by male and female attendees are separated inside the funeral home or house. While men are supposed to stay outside or in a garden, the women are allowed to stay inside the funeral house. The two genders will only be allowed to unite during the burial ceremony and it is a must for the female mourners to wear ‘’Chitenge’’ or a cotton dress with printed motifs during funerals.


Traditional Festivals

Zambia has more than seventy tribes which means there are so many traditional ceremonies taking place across the country each year. These include harvest festivals and celebrations such as Umutomboko and Kuomboka.

September 29, 2023

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