81 percent of Kenyans support the ambition of the leader of the Declaration of Unity Raila Odinga to become the Chairman of the African Union (AU), the report says.

The survey was conducted on March 8 to 9, 2024.

The sample size was created using Population Proportionate to size (PPS) based on the 2019 Census.

In a poll released on Thursday, Infotrak said that 81 percent of respondents supported the bid while 16 percent opposed and 3 percent did not support it.

Most of those who support Odinga’s request are in Nairobi (88%) followed by Rift Valley (85%), Nyanza (83%), West (79%), Central and Coast (78), East (77) and North East (64 %).

This is one step that breaks the spirit of the commitment of the Azimio leader because it is always good for someone to get support at home.

And if Kenyans themselves do not trust him then this will be difficult for other nations to support him.

Therefore, Raila’s ambition may fall into disrepair if Kenyans do not come out in large numbers to support him as a fellow Kenyan.


April 12, 2024

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