A woman in Madzindani, Kilifi County and her two-year-old son died in a fire tragedy that occurred on Wednesday evening.

Huldah Mahikizo, who is a health worker at the Port Reitz hospital in Mombasa County, died when she entered their burning house to save her son.

Earlier this week, Mrs Mahikizo was among the health workers who participated in the doctors’ strike protest in Nairobi. According to residents who witnessed the incident, she was in her pharmacy when the fire broke out.

The fire burned her bedroom where the child was sleeping, along with the property of unknown value that was inside the room.

Her husband, Mr George Sewaali, was at a neighbour’s house when the incident happened and when he arrived there was nothing to do.

According to the family, there is a possibility that Mrs. Mahikizo ran out of air and collapsed, as her body was found in the bathroom inside their room.

In an effort to find a door to leave the room, she entered the toilet door, where she met death. The bodies of the two were kept in the Kilifi Hospital mortuary awaiting surgery.

Despite the residents stating that the fire may have been caused by electrical wiring faults, the police have stated that they were investigating to determine the cause of the fire.


April 12, 2024

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