The Bishop of the Anglican Church in the state of Nairobi, Joe Waweru has criticized the people who baptize President William Ruto with the name of ‘Zakayo’ due to his leadership to tighten the rope in tax collection in the country.

Speaking at the Palm Sunday service celebrated by Christians leading up to Easter Friday, Bishop Waweru said that this is like disrespecting the country’s leader. Bishop Waweru spoke at the service which was attended by other leaders including President Ruto at the Emmanuel Church located in Makadara Constituency, Nairobi County.

The bishop went deeper and quoted the Bible saying that God gives a strong warning to anyone who disrespects his leader. The bishop recalled that during the election, many people were very happy to have a leader as he seemed to defend Ruto with a lot of fees to get money to run the country. This is not the first time President Ruto has heard that name.

Last year, he said that he does not care if people label all those names, including Zakayo’s, but what he focuses more on is ensuring that every citizen pays taxes for the running of the government. Ruto speaking on a sunday service, said that he has a very strong dream about Kenya, and denied that he was elected to fill the position of the country’s president.

The country’s leader said that the affordable housing program will continue but vowed that no citizen will be evicted from the area where the housing will be built. Ruto promised that his government will compensate the Kenyans who will be affected and relocated there by paying them monthly rent for a period of 2 years while they wait for the completion of the construction of affordable houses.

March 26, 2024

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