Below are the extra baggage charges for Air Tanzania

Domestic Routes

Economy Class Business Class
1 Free Bag 1 Free Bag
23 KG 30KG

International – Africa Continent

Economy Class Business Class
2PC @ 23 KG 2PC @ 23 KG

International – Africa Continent (COMORO ISLANDS)

Economy Class Business Class
2PC @ 15 KG 2PC @ 15 KG

International – Between Africa to Other Continents

Economy Class Business Class
2PC @ 23 KG 3PC @ 23 KG

Excess Weight Charges/Over Weight

Between And Application Charges in USD
Africa Asia Per Kilogram 15.00
Africa Africa Per Kilogram 8.00
Between And Application Charges in TZS
Tanzania Tanzania Per Kilogram 8,000

Other Special Baggage Charges

Between And Application Charge in TZS
Tanzania Tanzania 10L Fish Bucket 23,000
Tanzania Tanzania 20L Fish Bucket 30,000

NOTE: Above rates applicable only for buckets with fish only, and this will only be issued at Airport.

Special Baggage Items

Dear customer we take this opportunity to inform you the details of special baggage items and this is due to limited space on our aircraft. You need to reserve for the transportation of some types of special baggage as early as possible, if you want to transport items which are not day-to-day objects, such as extensive sports equipment or hunting weapons.

Please familiarize yourself with the valid regulations before you travel and make sure your reservation is confirmed before departure to ensure that you can take your special baggage with you. You can simply contact Air Tanzania Cargo representative on +255 754 334 898.
Amongst several items we have listed the most crucial items as listed below;-

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February 24, 2024

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