Social media influencer Andrew Tate has been charged with rape, human trafficking and organizing a crime ring that exploits women. Romanian authorities detained him alongside his brother Tristan and two female suspects.
Prosecutors allege that the Tate brothers and the two female suspects formed a criminal group in 2021. According to police reports, seven victims were misled and taken to Romania where they were allegedly sexually exploited and physically harmed.

“The Tate brothers said these allegations were ridiculous and they were lies made up by Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism(DIICOT). “The Tate brothers had over 100m in wealth in 2021. DIICOT alleges these “crimes” happened in 2021 to enrich themselves from TikTok accounts. These are lies made up by DIICOT” said Andrew Tate in a tweet.


The two brothers were remanded into custody back in December 2022 before being released under house arrest in March 2023. They are currently waiting for a trial date to be set. Andrew Tate is well known for his misogynistic views, he preaches male dominance and female submission.
He had a great influence on his young male audience that listen to his views. Before his TikTok videos were taken down, they had around 11.6 billion views. He was previously banned from most social media platforms until Elon Musk reinstated his twitter account after taking over the company.


June 21, 2023

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