The NTSA should be very worked up about the number of accidents in the country lately. Moreso for Migori County, their town headquarter did witness a one of the worst accidents of Kenya’s history which claimed many lives.

Migori Town is facing yet another tragic road accident after the April 8th accident.

The town has yet again witnessed a lorry loose control and ram into other vehicles and pedestrians just meters away from where the previous accident occured.

Migori Town is facing, among other issues, narrow roads and congestion along the roadside. The County Government is however working tirelessly to reduce such unfortunate accidents by all means possible.


About an hour ago, an accident occurred in Migori Town where a lorry plying the Kisii Migori Sirare route lost control and badly hit parked vehicles and ran into a ditch.

Preliminary report indicates that 11 people were injured out of which 1 person lost his life, two are in need of special medical attention while 8 have suffered soft tissue injuries.

All the injured are getting medical attention at the Migori County Referral Hospital.

I convey my condolences to the family of the gentleman who lost his life.

I also wish the injured persons quick recovery.

I will issue a comprehensive statement after collating all information from the multi-agency team undertaking rescue at the scene led by my County Executive Committee members Mr. John Oring’o and Hon John Kobado.” said Governor Ochilo Ayacko.

In an updated report from the Governor, lost lives had increased to 2

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