Following the massive death of people who were buried in Shakahola forest, there has been need to dig deep into the case due to a recent case of not just finding bodies but finding bodies with missing organs. The interior CS unveiled that the detectives had begun opening up 20 graves during the exhumation exercise and to their shock these were not just normal bodies.

“The damage is quite significant. 20 mass graves are currently being opened. The process is far from over,” Kindiki said on Tuesday, May 9. It is believed that the victims, presumed to be Mackenzie’s Good News International Church members, may have had their organs harvested before they were buried in mass graves.  



According to documents filed in court, Chief Inspector Martin Munene said an autopsy conducted by government pathologist Johansen Oduor established missing organs in some of the bodies so far exhumed. Munene said they are seeking to link the self-styled preacher Mackenzie to human organ harvesting and trafficking.


“It is believed that trade on human body organs has been a well coordinated network involving several players. It is suspected that more bodies may be still buried in the expansive land covering more than 1,000 acres,” said Munene on Tuesday, May 9.

During the process of  terming the Shakahola cult deaths which is definitely a very sensitive and presumed as a highly organised crime, Kindiki said the exhumation exercise will take longer than expected as the number of graves discovered were many.


Further more, all the people behind this act will face the consequence because it is obviously an incident carried out by a couple of merciless people.


May 10, 2023

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