Following the exhumation of late Geoffrey Mwathi’s body for a second autopsy to determine the actual cause of death after he fell from the tenth floor of Dj Faxto’s house, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have claimed that they are nearing the end of the process to obtain the full reports.

The case elicited a strong reaction from Kenyans, prompting the DCI boss, Mr. Mohamed Amin, to initiate a fresh investigation to determine what caused his death in great detail, as the circumstances surrounding his death were unclear.

The DCI stated on Twitter that the second autopsy will include toxicological samples to determine the percentage of which the deceased was at before his death, as well as DNA samples to determine claims of sexual assaults.

“As a result of the Homicide experts’ recommendations, the deceased’s body was exhumed for a fresh autopsy, and toxicological samples were obtained to determine whether the deceased had consumed alcohol prior to the incident and the percentage of alcohol consumed, as well as any other toxic substances ingested prior to his death. Similarly, DNA samples from the deceased and persons of interest in this case have been obtained for comparison in order to determine whether allegations of sexual molestation prior to the deceased’s death are credible,” read the statement.

They added that another important factor they are considering is the CCTV footage obtained from the scene, as they called upon the public to be patient while they await reports from the government pathologist to give them the go-ahead.

“In the meantime, we are currently waiting for a report from, the government pathologist, which shall inform part of our final course of action. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations continues to call for patience from the public and the family of the deceased as investigations into this case enters the homestretch,” added, DCI.

April 6, 2023

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