Mercy Cherono a first-year student body was found in the hostel four days after she joined Daystar university. Mercy reported in the university ready to begin her journey to make ends meet for her family and make her future great but was cut short when her body was found lifeless.


mercy’s father Bowen Banda expressed his disappointment and anger after her daughters body was found after a few days of her reporting to school. Bowen also demanded an explanation from the university on how his daughter died in their hands.


Bowen Obanda said it was a shock for him and his family members on hearing the news of his daughters death who is said to have committed suicide. Bowen expressed his daughters last moments before her death where she is said to have spoken with he mother.


The school had organized a freshers party where Mercy called her mother saying she wanted to go home since she did not want to attend the party. This happening at around 6pm, Mercy again called the mother later at 7pm saying she did not get a vehicle to get her home from town where she decided to go and join the party.

September 14, 2023

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