The former road minister Franklin Bett has defended the transport minister Kipchumba Murkomen regarding the many accidents in the country.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Bett called on Kenyans who are blaming Murkomen for the road killings to place the blame where it is due; on themselves.

“As a former road minister, I keep hearing accusations being thrown at the road minister Murkomen. I want to point out that we are directing our anger at the wrong person,” Bett said.

He said the accident that happened in Kericho on Monday night for example was not related to Murkomen but the driver who was behind the wheel.

The former minister pointed out that the increase in the number of accidents on Kenyan roads is the result of bad behavior among Kenyan drivers.

He claimed that many Kenyan drivers do not have proper driving etiquette, show a lack of manners on the road, and ignore traffic regulations, because they get a car.

“Where is the minister to blame the road when you drive your own car and you drive recklessly without showing courtesy or even following the rules of the road and without even being more careful in this rainy season?” Bett paused.

He said the accidents recorded in other countries such as Australia and America are few because people are determined and committed to follow traffic rules.

Bett further raised concerns that Kenyans insist on riding in already overcrowded vehicles without regard for their own safety.

“The passenger is to blame. You are told the car is full but you still ask to get in and squeeze yourself, some even in the boot of the car, where is Murkomen in all this?” Bett asked.

On the other hand, he said the culture of bribing on the road is done by the road users themselves.

The former minister said that despite the country being full of people who call themselves Christians, they are the first to give bribes to the police even before they are asked.

When that happens, Bett said the passengers sitting in the car also fail to raise their voices and as a result end up dying due to accidents that are not far from roadblocks.


April 11, 2024

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