People living with disability are rarely gifted on certain occasions, yesterday several people living with disability were gifted and shown love in Narok.

The event took place  at The Hope Restoration Centre,  the central sub- county brought hundreds of persons living with disability from within allover the county where they go to show their talents and enjoyed nice meals

The host Bishop Patrick Ngungi encouraged members of the public to offer job opportunities to the disabled for they were too  differently abled and could deliver services like any other person.

” Most of these people are learned and can deliver services  like any other person. I ask the county public service board and other employers to consider giving them a chance to work for their nation. “he said.

he went ahead  and urged those that were keeping the disabled  away from the public to expose them  to the public so that they could help from the government institutions

The Narok Disabled integrated  Programmed  chairman Paul  Ole Opia thanked Bishop Patrick for encouraging and  sharing a meal with persons leaving with disability and that he had done a good job to enlighten them to belief in  themselves in their abilities to do something for the Nation.

Peninah  Karia,a visually impaired  woman asked the government to consider putting a special budget for the persons living with disability as there are many suffering from poverty with no one having to help them.

it was peoples urge to the government to increase job opportunities for the  people living with disability so that they could improve their livelihoods



February 13, 2023

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