Former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner now Governor Trans Nzoia County, Hon. George Natembeya yesterday made claims concerning the welfare of police officers deployed to fight bandits in the North Rift regions is devastating.

According to Governor Natembeya, a lot is being kept behind wraps regarding the conditions those officers are subjected to and the matter has been totally ignored. During his tenure as Regional Commissioner, Natembeya noted that he never received any funds to combat insecurity in the region.

“I was the Regional Commissioner in Rift valley and I really fought with insecurity. There are things you’ll never be told Mr. President. During my 3- year tenure as the Regional Commissioner I did not receive even a single cent to fight insecurity,” he said.

He went to add that the officers barely receive any allowances and earn the same salary as traffic officers and that they are forced to exchange ammunition with bandits just to get goats to cater for their meals.

“These officers who we see are being shot dead, and none of them is being given allowance the salary they get is the same as traffic police officer receives. There is no incentive whatsoever,” he said.

He added,” it even gets to a point, officers are forced to give out bullets in exchange for goats so that they can get something to eat. We have really embarrassed ourselves.”

Governor Natembeya urged President William Ruto to address the matter expeditiously and be hands on with matters facing citizens and not be blinded by the façade being portrayed in public.


February 13, 2023

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