The ruling by Supreme court allowing homosexuality’s freedom of association has brought about concerns among Kenyans especially the church. Several clergy from different denominations have given their opinions on the matter. Kenyans have also shared their thoughts regarding the issue.

The constitutions of Kenya recognizes marriage as union of adults of different sex or gender that is the male and the female. It does not anticipate marriage between people of the same gender. This is a life that has been brought up by the west people and its totally an acceptable by Kenyan culture , religion and Africa at large.

Now it’s clear from the church that  God created man and woman to multiply and fill the  earth. with that how would the homosexuals’ fill the earth. Again the Bible forbids same sex marriages

Some Kenyan artists have given their views on the matter, Daddy Owen tweeted that he was a  Christian and that he was to ready to stand on his Christian values.

“LGBTQ should not be allowed in Kenya; The courts  are here to serve and protect our culture, society and customs. we shouldn’t be this desperate for visas.

“you shall not lie with a male as with a woman it is  an abomination, Leviticus 18:22.” he said.

It is further explained in the Bible that the city of Sodom and Gomora were punished by God because of this evil deeds that were happening in that city. It is therefore not right to allow homosexuality in the Country.




March 1, 2023

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