Maliha Mohammed, a self-trained chef from Kenya, has broken the world’s record for the longest cooking marathon in a home kitchen after a grueling culinary stretch.


Mohammed has officially broken the earlier record held by American chef Rickey Lumpkin of California, who attained a home cooking time of 68 hours, 30 minutes, and 1 second in December 2018. Mohammed’s “cook-a-thon” lasted a startling 90 hours and 15 minutes.


The chef rushed to Instagram, where she has been recording every step of the cookathon, to thank her fans and share the good news of her success along with a moving message.


“Yes, we did it! New world record holder for the longest home kitchen cooking marathon in town! Shukran for the support!” she wrote.


Maliha started her cook-a-thon on Thursday, August 10, 2023. Over the course of many days, she made a ton of delicious food while taking frequent pauses.


Maliha, who has a history of setting culinary records, persevered as her supporters applauded her in person and online. Also present to support Maliha were prominent figures from the entertainment world, including Crazy Kennar, Oga Obinna, Winnie Odinga, Nadia Mukami, Vinnie Baite, and others. They cheered her on, gave her their support, and even put on spontaneous performances and dances.


The chef’s ground-breaking achievement is currently pending approval by Guinness World Records, a procedure that necessitates exacting verification and documentation.


If the claim is confirmed, Mohammed will beat out Lumpkin as the new world record holder.




August 16, 2023

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