Renowned Tanzanian boxer Karim Mandonga, often known as “Mtu Kazi,” has been barred from competing before undergoing extensive medical examinations.


The opinionated fighter was prohibited from taking part in any competitive fights by the Tanzanian Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission (TPBRC), who gave health-related reasons for their decision.


Mandonga’s regular fight schedule raised concerns about the general state of his health. He has appeared in nine fights in only 11 months and is scheduled to battle Muller Jr. in Zanzibar on August 27. Mandonga would not be permitted back into the ring until TPBRC determines that he is medically fit, according to TPBRC.


The boxing fraternity is in awe of Mandonga’s record of appearing in four matches in only 35 days, with three occurring every seven days. The losing streak consists of two consecutive defeats, the most recent of which was a technical knockout victory over Uganda’s Moses Golola in Mwanza more than a week ago after a defeat to Kenyan Daniel Wanyonyi the weekend before.


TPBRC Secretary General George Lukindo told reporters at Muhimbili National Hospital that Mandonga needed to have an MRI done on him after losing to Golola by technical knockout. The tenacious fighter was adamant that he would be prepared for the battle on August 27 despite having to take the tests.


Just a week ago, the boxing commission expressed support for the fighter, despite his propensity for numerous clashes. A lot of people on social media have praised the decision, stating that the frequency of his bouts was concerning.


The 44-year-old has fought nine times, winning six, losing three, and drawing four.

August 16, 2023

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