The whole country was taken by shock after the young sensation Kevin Mboya showed up in Kwale to surprise his girlfriend, on January 26th 0nly to be told 3 days later that his mutumba flowers were not needed.

The bold Kevin took to social media to share his story in a post that has garnered over 6.7 million views. Let’s just say Kenyans have been nice to him except for a few cyber bullies .The good news is that one of Kenya’s leading powerhouse of Travel and Tours, Expeditions Maasai Safari has offered to take Kevin Mboya out in a special way. The company has offered him a fully paid trip to the coast, in a bid to save him the heartbreak and if possible forget the lady who did this unyama to him.

According to Expedition Safari CEO Pancras Karema, Kevin Mboya will be flown to Mombasa for a 3 days uninterrupted beach getaway inclusive of flights, accommodations and drinks.


Kevin Mboya thanked the tour company for their generosity saying the opportunity will help him get back on his feet.


This is not the first time Expeditions Maasai Safari is coming through to offer therapeutic solutions to Kenyans in dye need and has equally so far cut itself space in the competitively thriving travel and your business in the country.

January 31, 2023

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