Relieve strikes Kihura Constituency residents  as Hon Ndindi Nyoro  assures parents who have students in day primary schools in his constituency will now pay sh1000 fees each term.

The MP had previously given out 60 million for infrastructural development. He also said the constituency management had optimized part school supplies to reduce expenses

“We have launched a very elaborate program of  revamping our infrastructure in all-day schools cutting across all students, “He said.

He further explained that parents who previously paid between sh4000 to sh5000 would now pay sh1000.He explained how schools would survive with the waiver and assured parents that the constituency management would take care of the rest. Other than shat he  said that he would ensure that students get free meals six days of the week.

“We have realized most students stay at home because they don’t want to go hungry in school,” he stated..

Hon Nyoro mentioned that their primary schools were all tiled and brought up a good environment for learning. He promised learners that he would issue them with free learning materials.

“We have also allocated sh10million that will go towards distribution of books to our learners, “he said.

He finally said that  MP’s had plans to ensure the NG-CDF kitty is so well utilized that the government will want to channel more funds through it.







February 16, 2023

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