German -based kenyan Tiktiker Rose Atieno ,popularly known as Nyako, is currently in Kenya and had a met-end-event with her fans on Sunday ,June 4 .The Tiktoker has been busy doing interviews since arriving in the country, and for the first time ,she disclosed she has a heart problem.

Speaking in an interview with Youtuber Vincent Mboya ,Nyako disclosed he used to be a street walker years ago and she had changed and cannot run away from her past .The Tiktoker is popularly known for her vile remarks  in  her Tiktok account ,however the Tiktoker also deinied claims she always uses vulgar language under the influence of alcohol ,saying she stopped drinking 10 years ago .

The famous content creator  said she feels safe in Germany and had no interest in getting a house in Nairobi. Nyako kept flashing toothy smiles ,basking in her glory ,quite unlike the harsh woman who comes up when rattled by a fan or fellow content creator .Screams and ululations rent the air as she stepped into the club,where most fans whipped out their phones to capture the lady of the day in her element .




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