Pastor Victor Kanyari expressed gratitude towards TikTok sensation King Tizian Savage after receiving a monetary gift from him. Kanyari, who has recently been engaging in live preaching sessions on TikTok and encouraging his followers to send him gifts, commended Tizian’s generosity and admired his appearance.

Tizian, known for his unique style and popularity among followers, initially gained fame on TikTok under the mentorship of the late Brian Chira. His videos caught Kanyari’s attention, prompting the pastor to praise Tizian’s handsome looks and express admiration for his rasta hair and motorcycle riding.

In a heartfelt statement, Kanyari exclaimed, “God bless you Tizian my best friend, oh my God I love this boy. This young man is beautiful, he is handsome.

Even I will do my hair, I will sit well with the motorcycle.” He also expressed a desire to emulate Tizian’s success and lifestyle, highlighting the impact of TikTok personalities like him.

Furthermore, Kanyari lauded Tizian for purchasing his first car after rising to fame on TikTok within a short period. He urged respect for individuals like Tizian, emphasizing their entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments.

However, Kanyari took a moment to address critics who question his integrity while seeking interviews. Asserting his value, Kanyari stated that anyone interested in discussing the controversial 310 seed offering, for which he gained notoriety, must provide a fee of one million shillings.

The pastor’s appreciation for Tizian’s gift underscores the growing influence of social media personalities and their impact on various communities.


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April 26, 2024

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