Recently, businesswoman and social media influencer Amber Ray made headlines when she emerged and said that she was facing challenges in her marriage with Kennedy Rapudo. The details surrounding the incident were initially private and fans were left guessing of what exactly had happened to the couple that had been serving them with what was termed as couple goals.

Amber Rays fiancé and baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo has however confirmed to the allegations that the two are actually separated after an incident that occurred on October 13. In an attempt to address the issue and the public’s curiosity and also provide clarity the same, Kennedy Rapudo took to his Instagram on the night of Sunday to elaborate more about what exactly led to their separation.

The father of three began by acknowledging the intense public scrutiny that was surrounding their marriage, explain that their marriage was like any other marriage where by ups and downs are present. He explained that what caused their separation was the events that took place on the night of 13th October whereby both were under the influence of alcohol.

The businessman expressed his remorse for the events, mostly for the impact it had on his baby mama and fiancé Amber Ray, the person he had vowed to protect and love unconditionally. Amid this unfolding truth on that drama, Kennedy Rapudo emphasized that this single incident should not be used to define his character whatsoever and asserted that he is not a violent person and would never entertain domestic violence or gender based violence.
He also talked about his role as a father, raising two beautiful daughters and advocates for a very peaceful environment. He also sent his apology to Amber Ray acknowledging all his wrong doings and expressed his deep regret for the moment of weakness that led him to do what he did.

October 16, 2023

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