Alphonse Okoth left home in a huff and cut off all contacts only to return and was shown his own grave. The events of March 3, 2023 are still fresh in his mind as he had just arrived unannounced at his Kaloleni Estate home in Nakuru City when he caught his wife in bed with another man.

It was a painful encounter and he felt betrayed as he had sacrificed a lot for his wife. He took his belongs and moved to Nairobi cutting all communication with the woman and his entire family. In Nairobi he decided to start afresh by opening a second hand clothes business to support himself. He states that he did not want to do something he would regret or that would make him go to prison and since he did not have aby relatives in Nairobi, he would hawk clothes during the day and in the evening he would go back to the bus station to sleep.

After a few months of hawking, his business picked and was able to rent a house in Ngara and bought a new phone and another sim card. After around seven months, Okoth decided to call his ex-wife to check on her only to find out that she had buried him in him ancestral home in July. In the one minute phone call, his wife told him that that after he went missing his family went searching for him for three months with no fruits. She said they had searched for him in almost every hospitals and even prisons and even mortuaries.

After months of searching, the family found what was believed to be his body in the Nakuru City Mortuary and the body was believed to have been there for three weeks after police had brought it in from an accident scene in Barnabas on the outskirts of the lakeside city. Okoth says his ex-wife had recognized the body because of a mark she thought she had seen on the feet of her husband and that of the body. She states that a fundraiser was later held to raise money to take the body to Ugenya in Siaya County for burial in July. Okoth says his life is at a standstill since he cannot go back home to mix with his family since it is a taboo until a cleansing ritual is performed and the body they buried by mistake exhumed from the compound.

October 13, 2023

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