The parliament’s offices, committee rooms, lounges, and dining halls are all off limits to Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna for the next three days.

This comes after it was established by the Senate Speaker Amason Kingi, according to Standing Order Number 122, that the Nairobi Senator had shown gross misconduct when he shouted at the Speaker’s procession. Sifuna shouthed, ‟Shame! Shame! Shame!”

Veronica Maina, a nominated senator and a member of the speaker’s panel, the sergeant-at-arms, the clerk at the table, and a police officer from the parliament police station were all present during the procession.

The procession was exiting the Senate Chamber, on its way to the Speaker’s office.

Sifuna was then questioned by Veronica Maina about his behavior toward the Speaker’s Procession. A verbal fight between the two Senators broke out at this point. Senators present and officers of the Sergeant-at-Arms came forward to settle the two Senators down and diffuse the situation before it escalated into a vile physical altercation.

Speaker Amason Kingi informed the house that Sifuna’s suspension would end at the stroke of midnight on July 27.

Kingi did also point out that it was the first time Sifuna had been found to be in violation of Standing Order Number 122.


July 26, 2023

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