Kenyan popular musician Kevin Kioko, better known as Bahati, has urged for greater cooperation among Kenyan artists in the face of foreign artists’ dominance.


While sharing images from various streaming sites, including YouTube, Boomplay, and iTunes, Bahati deplored that foreign musicians are being heavily promoted in Kenya at the expense of local artists as a result of teaming up to take their music to the next level.


Bahati went on to say that no single Kenyan musician can take Kenyan music to the global stage without working with others.


“…No solo Kenyan artist can take our sound global on their own, that’s a fact. We need to work together as a team or else we will keep curtain raising for our neighbours…” wrote Bahati on his Instagram post.


His thoughts were shared by comedian Eric Omondi, whom he had mentioned in the post. Eric, who has previously blasted Kenyan singers for being sluggish and failing to compete with or outperform their regional peers. Eric asserted that he was glad that he (Bahati) realized it and asked Kenyan artists to take back their rightful position.


Diana B, the spouse of Bahati, also pushed artists to band together and take the stage. Other artists and content creators, such as Kabi Wajesus and Terence Creative, backed Bahati’s sentiments.


July 24, 2023

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