The CEO of bonfire adventures Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah Kabu recently revealed that they are officially billionaires.  Bonfire adventures is a tours, travel and events company headed by Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah Kabu who is the managing director. Speaking in an interview with Ghanaian You Tuber Wode Maya, the couple talked about their success and how they got to achieve it.



They emphasized on the 5 p’s of success which are proper planning prevents poor performance, since it took them 15 years to build their empire.

The couple talked about how they were in a WhatsApp group for young professionals and one day they were selected to organize a group getaway for the members to meet and interact. The event was a success and they kept on organizing more events for the group.

It was then that they decided to build their own empire,” bonfire adventures.” At that time, they were not yet married and were only working as colleagues. They decided to invest in their business and started off by organizing events for friends. The got married after two years of working together.

The managing director Sarah Kabu said,” we were just trying and it wasn’t that serious, we just happened to get where we are”. They organize approximately 1000 trips per month and said that they’re lucky to be finally in the billionaire’s club.

Simon Kabu advised the public to get up and chase their dreams since one day they’ll pay off. He added that he used to be a tout and later on a driver which helped to finance his campus fee. Sarah Kabu emphasized on knowing your purpose and passion early so that you can chase your dreams early.


June 12, 2023

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