Simplyfemininenetwork Launches A Fundraising Campaign For Linda Hani Hawi

Three months after the launch of Simplyfemininenetwork, an international network founded by Agnes (Nessy) Voreiter, a Kenyan model and entrepreneur based in Germany, is demonstrating its compassionate side by launching a fundraising campaign for Linda Hani Hawi, whose life took a drastic turn at the age of 13 when she began experiencing excruciating pain and excessive bleeding during her periods. Despite trying various medications and undergoing multiple operations, she has spent a significant portion of her adult life in hospital wards, with pain and bleeding becoming a daily struggle, often requiring assistance to move.

                 Linda Hani Hawi

Linda’s condition is diagnosed as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, and the only hope for a better life lies in specialized treatment and the total removal of her uterus and ovaries. However, the cost of this treatment is substantial, amounting to KSh 6 million. Simplyfemininenetwork aims to offer Linda the support and empowerment she needs by organizing a fundraising campaign to help her access the necessary medical care.

Donation to be made through M-PESA number +254769054165

By coming together as a network of women from diverse walks of life, Simplyfemininenetwork is striving to make a positive impact on Linda’s life and contribute to her journey towards improved health and well-being. The campaign serves as a powerful example of women supporting and uplifting each other during challenging times, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity within the international community of women.

Simplyfemininenetwork, besides raising funds, is actively working to raise awareness for Endometriosis, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects approximately 190 million women worldwide. Shockingly, one in ten women globally is living with this condition, which causes excruciating pain and infertility. Unfortunately, the disease’s exact cause remains unidentified, leading to delayed diagnoses that can take years to confirm, and as of now, there is no cure.

Diagnostics for Endometriosis remain limited, with surgical procedures often necessary to confirm its presence. Treatment options mainly involve medications and surgery to manage the symptoms. Alarmingly, data indicates that the symptoms of Endometriosis can start emerging during adolescence.

Studies conducted worldwide have revealed that a significant number of young people, ranging from 25% to 100%, who undergo laparoscopy after reporting pelvic pain, are ultimately diagnosed with Endometriosis. This highlights the need for greater awareness and research to improve early detection and management of this debilitating condition. Through their efforts, Hawi Simplyfemininenetwork is playing a crucial role in shedding light on Endometriosis and advocating for better care and support for those affected by it.

Through the initiative, Agnes (Nessy) Voreiter  and her team at Simplyfemininenetwork prove that their vision extends beyond professional networking and entrepreneurship. They have established themselves as advocates for positive change, using their platform to uplift the lives of women in need and inspire others to join their cause.

          Agnes (Nessy) Voreiter – Founder

As the campaign progresses, the impact of Simplyfemininenetwork’s benevolence on Linda’s life becomes increasingly apparent. The outpouring of generosity and solidarity from people worldwide highlights the importance of collective efforts in making a meaningful impact and providing crucial support to those in distress.

As the three-month milestone approaches since the launch of the organization, the world watches with admiration as Simplyfemininenetwork continues to exemplify the true essence of compassionate activism, creating a lasting legacy of care, empowerment, and unity.

Donation to be made through  M-PESA number +254769054165

August 5, 2023

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