Due to hot weather the hot sun in South Sudan is getting worse as it was seen on the internet is to be believed.

In one video that has caught the attention of many, a middle-aged man was seen entering the kitchen and coming out with a pot and an egg ready to be fried, only hot. Surprisingly, the young man cracked open the egg and placed it in a pot before steaming in the sun, hoping to use the sun’s rays to cook his egg. The egg was seen boiling due to the rays and the hot sun, a situation that has been affecting many residents of the young nation in Africa for more than two weeks now.

Two weeks ago, the government of South Sudan closed schools due to extreme heat throughout the country. The Ministry of Health and Education said the temperature is expected to drop rapidly as the rainy season is expected to start in the coming days. South Sudan in recent years has experienced the negative effects of climate change, with extreme heat, floods and droughts reported in different seasons.

During the heat wave two weeks ago, the country registered temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit). Teachers were encouraged to limit playground activities to early mornings or indoors, ventilate classrooms, provide water during school hours and monitor children for signs of heat exhaustion and stroke.

April 2, 2024

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