A middle-aged Ghanaian man named Samuel Mensah has become the talk of the digital space after he put himself on the market announcing that he was selling himself because of what he described as the hardships of life.

Speaking in an interview with a blogger in the indigenous language of the country, Mensah revealed with regret that life has been cruel to him so he has considered it wise to put himself in the market. In a poignant interview that has since sparked outrage, Mensah revealed that he now lives in an unfinished building. He also claimed that his children are with their mother in the village as he is unable to take care of them in the city. In the minutes of the interview, Mensah gave out his number for his buyers to contact him.

The video has evoked mixed feelings, some asking her to move to the village as in the city, life has become too much for her while others fail as to how she will be bought either as a slave or a maid.

April 2, 2024

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