Renowned JOURNALIST and former NTV Editor Rita Tinina was buried on Wednesday at her home in Olokirikirai village, Narok County, in a ceremony attended by journalists and people from different walks of life.

The event was not only used to mourn her but to celebrate the life he lived full of integrity, humility and dedication in his work as a popular journalist. Fellow journalists, friends and relatives used the opportunity to honor her as an exemplary hero. Tinina’s last journey began yesterday at one o’clock in the morning when her body was taken from the Umash mortuary, Nakuru and transported for burial in the neighboring county of Narok. A convoy of more than 50 vehicles escorted his coffin under strict security on the Nakuru-Njoro road.

Friends paid tribute to her by choosing to use a luxury black Range Rover to transport her coffin. In addition, some of them boarded the car which was decorated with beautiful red, white and gray flowers. Starting from fellow journalists, politicians, who were his superiors at work, every speaker praised Tinina as a strong journalist who loved her job and interacted with people well. She was recognized as a strong defender of the rights of young girls from the Maasai community through several news and articles that she aired and left a great impact throughout the country.

For her family, she was a daughter, sister, mother and strong in solving various challenges. Her colleagues at work also expressed her dedication to her profession. They chronicled her journey in improving her skills as a journalist. In her letter of condolence read by the Secretary of the Information Division at the White House, Emanuel Talam, President William Ruto mentioned her colleague as an example of the ability of the journalism profession to bring about better changes in society. Ruto also mentioned Tinina as a journalist who loved her job and did it with a spirit of dedication.

Tinina died in her sleep on March 17, 2024. According to the results of the surgery, the journalist was diagnosed with pneumonia. Tinina has left a daughter named Mia Malaikah with her boyfriend Robert Nagila.

March 28, 2024

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