Ann Kambura a student at Kiriri University, left home at around 2.30pm on Friday 12 May 2023 to go to a beauty parlor in the neighborhood to have her hair braided in preparation for school in Nairobi the next day, but never returned.


Her parents James Mwiti and Frida Gaceri told the media that they called her around 7pm to know if she was done because it was getting late, although the call went through, she didn’t pick up. The parents continued to call but she never picked up and after a few hours the phone went off and they thought their daughter might have decided to spend the night at the hairdresser’s house after dark.


The following day, they called her and the phone was still off. Sensing that something was wrong, they went to the hair salon. The hairdresser told them that Ann had arrived at around 3pm and left at around 6.30pm after she finished braiding her hair.

The worried parents looked for the boda rider who took her to the salon and he confirmed that Ann had arrived at the salon, but she had not called him to take her back home. They called Ann’s university friends in Nairobi to see if she had returned to Nairobi, but they said her rented room was locked.


They decided to file a missing person’s report at the police post and while they were there, they received a call from a local police who said that a body had been found in a well in Kabuboni village, Tharakanithi.


Her body was found dumped in the well with her hands tied behind her back with her blouse and her bra tied tightly around her neck, suggesting she had been strangled. Her family is seeking justice and answers on what happened to their daughter. Investigations are still ongoing.

May 25, 2023

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