Does dressing for church stress you in any way? If yes then we might be sailing in different boats since the holy book does not highlight that and neither does it specify which attire is suitable for church sessions. it impresses me on how different people from different religions comment on church attire should be each and everyone of them praising his/her religion dress code.


According to research on church attire is that there is no right way to dress for church, what really matters is the intention of the heart that is what are you after? Or rather what message do you want to send? As it is the church is a holy place and has the right attitude in dressing, a right heart to be reflected by the choice of clothing and how one carries himself or herself to such a place.


Research goes further to explain that in as much as some religions are casual and do not restrict the believers to a certain dress code in general, wearing denim should be avoided unless their church approves the wearing of denim but its best  to avoid wearing them for Sunday services. in short dress code for church cannot be restricted to a certain fashion since we have so many religions and beliefs.

Recently the Kariobangi North Catholic Church printed a banner with clothes that aren’t allowed to church in order to have good morals in the society especially with the said norm that Catholics are not restricted to any regulations since its among the churches with a big number of followers in the world therefore making it more accommodative of all kind of behaviors.

Commenting on the move made by that church a resident by the name Rose Wanaina said that all that we should guard against any kind of destruction is our hearts and not material things.

‘kitu muhimu kuangalia hapa ni moyo ndo itaenda mbinguni na si hii mambo ingine ya dunia’

She went ahead and said that this would make the church loose some followers since according to her a church is a place that should be opened to everyone regardless of how sinful one is in order to let them have a test of Christ in their lives.

On the same I had Michael Ouma who said that this would help the church regain its image since  the followers being associated with weird behaviors and this would help shape the society to an extend.

April 2, 2024

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