Citizen TV reporter Willis Raburu has announced his exit from Royal Media Services after working there for 13 years. Willis took to his social media to announce his decision noting that it wasn’t an easy one. He added that his last day with RMS will be on 30th June 2023.

His started his journey with Royal Media Services as an intern and said he’s learnt a lot working there. He thanked RMS for the time he worked there and said he now plans to focus on his Masters degree.

In a video announcing his exit from the media house he said, “I have made the decision to leave the Royal Media Services and it’s been a tough decision but they have been so gracious to me from the time I tendered in my resignation… It has been an amazing transition and they have shown me so much grace,”

He worked as a news reporter, news anchor and host of the Citizen TV morning show. He also hosted one of the shows on Hot 96. He talked about his growth and development at RMS and how he covered some of the biggest stories and transitioned to hosting 10 over 10 show.

“You want to ask me what next? Well, I want to rest, I want to take a breather. Step back, look at everything, share the knowledge I have on the book and also continue with my Masters at USIU which is on Strategic Communication and also Communication Development. So for now, that remains my focus,” he said.


June 26, 2023

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