When the weekend shows up, nearly 90% of Kenyans visit various clubs to have fun with friends, where the weekend phrase is usually “Kulewa na Marafiki” .During these three days, club owners are overjoyed because they know they will make profits, which will benefit them in a variety of ways.

All kinds of drugs and substances are on the rise sale on these days, with many people using their money to make themselves happy, not to mention the rise of “usherati,” where you will hear statements like, “leo lazima nijishikie kimbaba analipeleka na rieng,” and “leo nayo ni lazima nicheze kimimi na niteke msupa figure nane.”

Aside from that, the rise in the sale of local alcoholic beverages, which many people have decided to consume, is very concerning. Drinks such as chang’aa, Muratina, and others have seen a large number of people engage with them, and when asked why so many people are embracing these drinks, many answered that they are more available, cheaper, and have a better feeling than other sorts of drinks.

The objective of drinking is to have fun, create another happy scenario around you, and make new friends, among other reasons why people drink, but have we ever warned ourselves of the adverse effects of these drinks we are consuming?

Let me draw your attention to the effects of local alcohol, CHANG’AA. We are aware that this is a popular drink in slum settlements, where the bulk of people live. I don’t want to engage with how it’s prepared or made but rather lemme discuss about how it affects our lives and health.

I will just tackle three major side effects of Chang’aa on this article;

  • Chang’aa causes Death

We have received reports of deaths linked to the usage of Chang’aa, which is an illegal brew. Many people have died as a result of this substance because it is made by combining toxic substances that are fatal. Even the leadership (Deputy President Rigathi Gachagu) is working hard to put an end to the consumption of this illegal brew, which is not only causing havoc but also killing people.

  • Danger to the eyes (blindness)

We had a case in 2018 where several people in Embu went blind after drinking this brew. This shows that the materials used to produce it were not and are not safe. Keep in mind that these kinds of drinks are produced by regular folks, not specialists.

  • Addiction

I understand this is a problem for many types of drinkers, but slum dwellers who are addicted to the effects of Chang’aa tend to neglect their responsibilities. Consider a family in which the father or mother uses chang’aa. Because there are children in this family, the larger issue that will arise is that the majority of these children will end up with no motherly/fatherly attention and may end up in the streets doing things that will harm them because their parents have become addicts who forgot that they have children.


May 4, 2023

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