Popular singer Jacob Obunga aka Otile Brown has acknowledged the role played by socialite Vera Sidika in advancing his career during their romantic relationship.


In an interview with Oga Obinna, Otile expressed his gratitude to the socialite, recognizing his contribution to his success in the music industry. Otile highlighted the impact of Sidika’s presence in his life during their time together, citing it as an important factor in shaping his career path.


Although their romance ended after five months in 2018, Brown revealed that her career continued to flourish as she pursued her musical passions with determination. In the midst of public opinion, Brown confirmed his truth, saying, “I’m not a kiki person. I’m an insider and so I don’t shout too much because I believe in my craft and I know who I am.


In an earlier interview with Wasafi Media, Otile revealed that it was Sidika who initially followed him. Reflecting on the aftermath of their public split, Brown admitted to adopting a more guarded approach to her personal life on social media.


Vera, a single mother of two after her romance with another musician failed the test of time, featured in Baby Love, one of Brown’s most popular songs with 18 million views on YouTube.



March 7, 2024

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